Parallel Universe Cartoons

Cartoons to help you handle life…even if you live in a parallel universe

“Don’t be frightened, Sweetie, it’s not a dragon. Uncle Jimmy has ordered spicy food again.”


Some say that dragons exist in folklore because prehistoric men still saw dinosaurs. Who is to say it wasn’t possible? After all, a lot of reptile species have been around from prehistoric times. In fact, some are still called dragons, such as Commodore Dragon. There were even winged dinosaurs, the ancestors of birds. Some of Continue Reading

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Archeologists have stumbled upon a cave painting that suggests that commercial flights began as early as the Stone Age

Eraly flights

No, it wasn’t the Wright brothers, not even Michelangelo. Mankind would not wait thousands or hundreds of thousands of years to fly. We’re too ambitious for that. The first time we laid eyes on birds, we wanted to copy them. We wouldn’t just let them do something that we can’t. Flying was probably invented even Continue Reading

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When Sergeant LeRoy was asked to establish a SWAT team, apparently there was a major misunderstanding

SWAT team

There just have to be a lot of mishaps within the police force. There should be a book published about police errors. It would make a very entertaining read. Just don’t read it while you’re driving. Let’s assume that you are bothered (“stalked”) by vicious flies and you call 911 for help. Will they send Continue Reading

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“We decided not to go digital with our research reports. We trained Hector, instead, to sniff out pertinent information from our lab notebooks.”

Research reports

Chemical research is uniquely different from other R&D in that chemicals smell. You can probably tell what experiment was done just by smelling the lab notebook pages. Wait, that gives me an idea…  Could dogs be trained to find lab reports based on the chemicals that were used in the experiments? Maybe that’s how it’s Continue Reading

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“Tower, we request permission for emergency landing. There is a bug on the windshield.”

bug on the windshield

One of our biggest fears is flying. There is just something deeply unsettling about being high up in the air in a flimsy container. Anything can happen, even the most absurd like a bug on the windshield, and you start hearing weird noises, the engine starts malfunctioning, the passengers start panicking, the doors swing open, Continue Reading

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