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Welcome to the Parallel Universe of funny cartoons, where comic humor is part of daily life!

I am a scientist by day, a cartoonist by night. Not quite Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but you get the idea. Let’s admit, life is more absurd than cartoons, no doubt about it, especially in a parallel universe. That’s the place where everything is the same as here, with just a dash of twist. Or is this the place that’s twisted? Just like in Zhuangzi’s butterfly dream, I guess we will never know.

It’s a place where everything is possible: barnyard and wild animals, pets and insects, plants and objects, or even microbes get their moment of fame.

The cartoons come with a little commentary. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to explain the jokes. If you don’t get them without the narrative, it’s pointless anyway. Cartoons inspire stories and stories inspire cartoons. That’s just the circle of life in comic circles (oops!). Just roll with it. You may find the commentary more entertaining than the drawing. Just be glad you’re getting both.

The cartoons you see on this site are for your entertainment. I hope you like the humor (assuming you find it first). Comments are always welcome, just be decent and respectful. Hey, man, I’m just a guy who draws. Like it on Facebook, if you would like to see more of these cartoons. I won’t say no to a little encouragement.

If you are an amateur cartoonist, visit the page called “Amateur cartoonists”. Quite intuitive, ain’t it? You may also visit that page if you would like to become an amateur cartoonist. Moreover, it’s also OK for you to take a peek at that page if you are not nor intend to be one, but you are just naturally curious about amateur cartoonists.

This site is dedicated to posting a collection of copyrighted single-panel funny cartoons under the title “Parallel Universe”. The cartoons are presented free of charge, but you are welcome to make a donation. These cartoons have not been published elsewhere. If you would like a high resolution version of any of the cartoons for licensing, feel free to contact me by email. High resolution cartoons are also available for publication in your media or syndication. If you like the style, you can also order custom cartoons in particular topics for events or distribution. Exclusive contracts are also possible. Let’s start a conversation.

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Kris Kenny

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