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Archeologists have stumbled upon a cave painting that suggests that commercial flights began as early as the Stone Age

Eraly flights

No, it wasn’t the Wright brothers, not even Michelangelo. Mankind would not wait thousands or hundreds of thousands of years to fly. We’re too ambitious for that. The first time we laid eyes on birds, we wanted to copy them. We wouldn’t just let them do something that we can’t. Flying was probably invented even Continue Reading

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“Any minute now!”

Any minute now!

Perhaps, dinosaurs still roam the earth in a parallel universe. Well, then it’s not really parallel, is it? It took only a piece of rock to end their paradise. Would have we taken over regardless? Big, dumb creatures can only rule the world for so long. Wait, that sounds like science fiction! ************************************************************************************************************* This site Continue Reading

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“Look at the neighbors, Frank. Everybody is having venison, and you can’t do better than a mammoth?”

You can't do better than a mammoth?

Which tastes better, venison or mammoth? Do we have a food critic in the audience who has tried both? Perhaps in an old tavern in Siberia? Mammoth is probably a little gamier. It’s got more fat, more hair, heck, more everything! ************************************************************************************************************* This site is dedicated to posting a collection of copyrighted single-panel funny cartoons Continue Reading

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